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HydroTech Services, LLC. was founded by Cody Miller and Brett Clay in August of 2004. HydroTech provides hydro excavation services to all major oil and gas companies. We use hydro excavators to dig trenches, spot lines, and excavate material from tanks or bins. This is a safe and effective alternative to traditional excavation methods with a wide range of applications. We use high pressure water to loosen the sub-surface and a high flow suction hose to suck the material into the debris tank of the truck, which is then dumped on or off-site. This minimizes restoration costs associated with traditional digging. Our experienced operators safely dig through clay, frozen ground, rocky terrain, and under concrete surfaces in line with industry standards. We specialize in precision digging with our turbo nozzle wand and properly trained operators. This alternative of excavation causes less surface damage, reduces disruption of traffic and other surface activities, and is easier and less expensive to repair.


At HydroTech, safety is first and is NEVER compromised. Our team is dedicated to continually improve safe work ethics and environments for both employees and customers. The foundation of our work is based on safety, health, and environmental standards. All members of our team are required to meet all expectations of safety regulations. Employees at HydroTech must be H2S certified and attend a number of safety orientations. We take pride in our safety certifications that include;


SafeLand Certification
Gold Shovel Certification
Operator Qualified Certification


Employees must attend HydroTech's Safety Orientation Program. Our company provides proper safety training for all employees. All safety regulations are overlooked to ensure they are met before undergoing a new project.







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