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uses state of the art, fully contained hydro excavation trucks that ensure a job done right. Planning has never been easier with the various additional equipment services we provide at HydroTech. Our team is experienced in project planning and can guarantee our customers are provided with the proper equipment in order to exceed project goals.

Installation and Repair for Utilities and Pipelines

Line Location

Slot Trenching for New Pipeline, Maintenance, and Repair


Digging Ditches and Working Inside Plants



Clean Up and Disposal of Waste

Frac tank

Plant Work, Lines Around Existing Road Bores

Excavation in

congested areas

Tree Removal and Sprinkler Systems

landscaping excavation

Fast Clean Up Without Removal

cattle guards


Light Tower

Hydraulic Jackhammer

Air Trailer

Water Trailer


Weed Eater

Pressure Washer

Skid Loader

Trash Pump

Dump Truck

Backfill Material

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